2017 - 2022     Knox College, Galesburg IL - Graduated Cum Laude with a B. A. in Studio Art and                                                          Psychology, and a member of psychology honors society Psi Chi. 
2022                  Group Exhibition, Figge College Invitational, Figge Art Museum, Davenport, IA.
          Two-Person Exhibition, Afterimages, Whitcomb Art Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL. 
          Group Exhibition, Blick Art Show, Knox College, Galesburg, IL. Juried by artist Katie Bell. 
        Group Exhibition, Exquisite Corpse, Whitcomb Art Center, Knox College Galesburg, IL.
2021                   Two-Person Exhibition, Meet Me Where We Went Wrong, Whitcomb Art Center, Knox                                                 College, Galesburg, IL. (With artist Anna Schultz).
                             Two-Person Exhibition, Brianna Perry and Ingrid Wasmer, Blick Gallery, the Galesburg                                                 Community Art Center, Galesburg, IL. 
                             Group Exhibition, Blick Art Show, Whitcomb Arts Center and Borzello Gallery, Knox                                                       College, Galesburg, IL. Juried by artist TJ Dedeaux-Norris.
Collaborative Projects
2023                  Full-quieting,150 Media Stream, Chicago, IL (installation in collaboration with James Adamson). 
Awards & Grants
2023                 Associated Colleges of Illinois Digital Art Scholarship, awarded for project proposal in                                               collaboration with James Adamson for contest to display work at 150 Media Stream.
2022                 Blick Art Materials Painting Award, first prize, for painting “Thanks for the Wings!” in an                                                 exhibition juried by artist Katie Bell.
                           Paul K. and Evelyn Elizabeth Cook Richter Memorial Fund Grant, Knox College,                                                         Galesburg, IL.
 2021                 Blick Art Materials Senior Award, Knox College, Galesburg, IL, in an exhibition juried                                                    by artist TJ Dedeaux-Norris.
                            Janet Greig Post Prize in Music, Knox College, Galesburg, IL.
                            Power of Experience Grant, Knox College, Galesburg, IL. 
Lectures & Seminars
2022                  Ambiguous Loss: Locating Grief in a Field of Abstraction. HORIZONS event series,                                                    Knox College, Galesburg, IL. 
                           Afterimages, Knox College, Galesburg, IL.             
2022               Knox Magazine, "Media Matters". 
                         X Journal, Vol. 4. Knox College, Galesburg, IL. - Three artworks, “60 BPM”, “[sic]”, and                                                “Thanks for the Wings!”, were reproduced.
2021               Catch, Vol. 53, No. 2. Knox College, Galesburg, IL. - Two artworks, “Me and Mine”, and                                              “Then, there, that porch” were reproduced.
2020                X Journal, Vol. 3. Knox College, Galesburg, IL  - Three artworks, “Jamais Vu”,                                                                 “Obfuscate”, and “Look Away, Francis!”, were reproduced.                                                                                      

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